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Common name: Fox

Also known as: Red Fox
Scientific name: Vulpes Juleps
Size: 60cm body length, shoulder height approx. Cm. Tail 40cm long.
Weight: 6.5kg (14lb) Adult male 5.5kg (12lb) Adult female
Colour: Rusty red coat, white belly, black ear tips, bushy tail with white tip. Amber eyes.
Life span: Between 2-6 years in the wild


A slim, medium sized dog-like animal with a characteristic rusty red coat, white underbelly and bushy long tail. Most often seen in the evenings or at night.


These animals are found all over the UK, and there is a relatively large population in and around Corfe Mullen.


In the countryside they eat mainly small mammals (rabbits, hedgehogs), however in semi rural locations such as Corfe Mullen they will often eat slugs and snails, as well as birds, mice, birdseed and anything else they can find. They have a sweet tooth, and will often raid rubbish bins for leftovers.


Foxes are very adaptable. In the countryside they tend to stick to fields that are on the edge of woodland. Using a fox hole to sleep in during the day. In the village they will often sleep under bushes during the day, coming out at dusk to search for food in the gardens.

However, I have seen foxes out during the day many times in Corfe Mullen. Especially cubs and young foxes. I have even had them sleeping in the middle of my lawn in the middle of the day.

Did you know

Foxes leave a distinctive scent for other foxes. It's a very musky smell, and you will often smell it when you are walking along paths in Corfe Mullen. This is a definite indicator that foxes are in the area! Keep your eyes peeled!









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