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Common name: Blackbird

Also known as: Common Blackbird
Scientific name: Turdus merula
Size: Up to 23-25cm
Weight: 75-120g 
Colour: Males are black with a yellow eye ring, and a yellow beak. Females are a mottled brown with spots and flecks on her breast and a yellowish/brownish beak.
Life span: Average of 2.4 years (oldest recorded was 21 years 10 months!)


A common bird that most people will recognise if they have a garden. It is a middle-sized bird, with a loud, tuneful song (often heard at dusk and dawn).


Common and widespread throughout the UK including Corfe Mullen!


Insects, worms, berries and other fruit. They enjoy eating fallen apples in the autumn and pears.


Common in gardens and parks. During the breeding time they will also spend a lot of time in woods and on farmland. In winter they will look for a plentiful supply of food, which is why they are often seen on garden lawns looking for worms and insects.

Did you know

There are probably about 10-15 million blackbirds in the UK during the winter (some will have come to feed in the UK from abroad)









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