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Garden Spider

Common name: Garden Spider

Also known as: European Garden Spider or Cross Spider
Scientific name: Araneus diadematus
Size: Female 10-13mm, Male 408mm
Colour: Their colour varies from pale yellow, brown to almost black, but they always have a white cross on their back


This is the best known orb-weaving spider in the UK. Their circular orb-web has a very recognisable spiral pattern.  The spider sits in the middle of the web waiting for insects to blunder into it. It then wraps them in sticky silk. When the insect can't move it will bite it and inject venom. It will then eat the insect.


Found all over the UK, including Corfe Mullen!


Flying insects such as butterflies, wasps and flies.


Found on vegetation in gardens and woodland, such as bushes and garden plants.

Did you know

The male is much smaller than the female and has to be very careful when he is approaching her to mate. Sometimes she mistakes him for prey and eats him.



Garden Spider






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