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Common name: Wood Mouse

Also known as: Cock Robin and Robin Red Breast
Scientific name: Erithacus rubecula
Size: Up to 14cm
Weight: Between 14-21g
Colour: Orange-red face and breast, brown back and wings, black eyes, lighter belly.
Life span: Up to 3 years (the oldest known bird was 13 years old)


The UK's favourite bird. A perky, small bird that is often seen in gardens and on bird tables. They seem to be quite happy to be near to humans, and will often come down looking for insects/worms when gardeners are digging. Young birds do not have a red breast.


Found throughout the UK, we also get immigrants from Europe in Autumn and Winter.


Insects, worms, fruits and seeds. Mealworms are a favourite!


Normally found in hedgerows, grassland and woods. However, they will make their nest where ever they can find food - which may mean your garden, house or shed.

Did you know

Some become so used to humans that they will take food from your hand, or knock on the window to be fed.

They are very territorial, and will fight with intruders into their territory.

They will sing at night. Especially next to streetlamps.









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Royal Society for the
Protection of Birds (RSPB)