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Common name: Greenfinch

Also known as: European Greenfinch
Scientific name: Carduelis chloris
Size: 14-16cm long
Weight: Not known
Colour: Mainly green/yellow, with yellow flashes in the wings and tail. Female and young birds are duller than the male, and have brown tones on the back.
Life span: Not known. Probably no more than a couple of years.


A small bird which is part of the finch family. It has a twittering song, and you can often see flashes of yellow as they fly. They are quite sociable, but often squabble among themselves when at a bird feeder.


Common throughout the UK. Mostly seen in woods and hedges but they are a frequent visitor to gardens and bird feeders. We have at least 10 visiting our garden bird feeder.


Seeds (they love sunflower hearts) and young insects.


Woods, hedges, farmland, parks and gardens. They like to have the cover of bushes and trees.

Did you know

They have a very strong, short beak which is perfectly adapted to break open hard seeds.









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Royal Society for the
Protection of Birds (RSPB)