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House Sparrow

Common name: House Sparrow

Also known as: Sparrow or English Sparrow
Scientific name: Passer domesticus
Size: 14-16cm long
Weight: Not known
Colour: Male has grey head, cheeks and belly, black on throat, chest and between beak and eye. Beak yellowish brown. Female has no black on her chest or throat, or a grey head. She is mainly streaky brown.
Life span: Not known. Probably no more than a couple of years.


A cheeky little bird, often confused with the smaller Tree Sparrow. They like to live and breed in groups, and chatter constantly to each other.


They used to be very common throughout the UK, but are now declining in numbers. They like living near man, so are often found in towns and villages such as Corfe Mullen.


Seeds, insect larvae (for their young) and scraps of food (eg bread crumbs)


From cities to the countryside. Anywhere that is near to man.

Did you know

They will eat flowers (such as primroses and crocuses).

They will also hunt for butterflies.


House Sparrow






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Royal Society for the
Protection of Birds (RSPB)