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Help & Reference : How to Record : Have you seen a Corfe Mullen Badger?

BadgerHave you seen a Corfe Mullen Badger?

Why do we need to know?

As part of the Nature Watch project we are trying to record all the badger sightings in Corfe Mullen. If you have seen a badger in Corfe Mullen in the last 12 months please let us know on the form below.

Why is it important?

Badgers, their setts and feeding areas are protected by law, so it's important that we know where badgers are living and which roads and gardens they are visiting at night.

This information is vital when a planning application is submitted to the Council for consideration. If the Council don't know where the badgers are, their homes and feeding areas may get destroyed by new development. We can stop that from happening

Corfe Mullen Badger Sighting

Please complete the form below.

 A rough idea of the date will be fine 
 Please give as much detail as possible, including time of day. 
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When you have completed the form, please click the Send Details button ONCE to send. Thank you for your help!