How it began

We're a mixture of wildlife experts and enthusiasts, and when we met on Twitter we decided it would be fun to keep a record of our garden wildlife by doing a Garden BioBlitz.

Rather than keep the idea to ourselves we set up a trial event in 2012 and asked other nature lovers to ‘BioBlitz’ their gardens as well. It was so successful that last year we decided to launch the Garden BioBlitz as a national event. The whole event is run by volunteers, for volunteers! We hope you enjoy taking part.

The Team


Liz Drewitt

Liz is a naturalist and freelance proofreader, editor, writer and artist with a lifelong passion for the natural world. In her spare time she can often be found roaming the countryside with camera in hand, photographing and blogging about the wildlife she finds.

Tweet Liz at: @lillanature


Jane Adams

Jane is a self-confessed social media and web junky, is passionate about photographing wildlife (in her rather overgrown garden), and loves learning about and recording the wildlife in her local patch. When she isn’t helping to organise the Garden BioBlitz she’s a volunteer badger vaccinator and self-employed internet marketing consultant for environmental and conservation charities such as The Soil Association and The Wildlife Trusts.

Tweet Jane at: @WildlifeStuff

Dr Richard Comont

Richard has been passionate about wildlife, particularly insects, for as long as he can remember, and spends much of his spare time photographing and identifying them. He works for the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, running citizen-science bumblebee monitoring schemes. In his spare time he is heavily involved in the biological recording of beetles, particularly ladybirds, and regularly takes part in site-based bioblitzes as a naturalist.

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John van Breda

John’s passion for photographing wildlife (particularly insects) often leads to him diving headfirst into a bush with a camera, much to the amusement/embarrassment of his two children. John is particularly interested in bees and other social insects, though hasn’t got a clue when it comes to identifying them. In his day job, John runs a small business which develops software and websites for biodiversity data, including iRecord which we are using for the Garden BioBlitz.

Tweet John at: @johnvanbreda

Ryan Clark

Ryan has always loved the natural world which led him to complete a degree in Environmental Biology at the University of Reading. He is 21 years old, a keen wildlife photographer and loves finding and photographing wildlife in his small urban garden. He is constantly amazed by the variety of wildlife that can be found in gardens, however small.  Outside of wildlife recording for various organisations, Ryan carries out practical conservation tasks and various projects at his local records centre. Ryan also helps with social media for the Garden Bioblitz.

Tweet Ryan at: @Ryanclarknature

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How to get in touch

You can contact the team on Twitter @GardenBioblitz or via our online contact form

A big thank you!

The Garden BioBlitz team would also like to thank the various people and organisations who have helped, advised and supported us, including: iSpot, ARKive, The Wildlife Trusts (inc Sussex Wildlife Trust), RSPB Homes for Wildlife, British Trust for Ornithology, Bristol Natural History Consortium, National Trust, Biological Records Centre, BBC Wildlife Magazine, Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, OPAL, BBC, Natural England Wildlife Gardening Forum, and many others. We are also indebted to the support and ideas of many fellow wildlife enthusiasts on Twitter and beyond. Thank you!


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