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Send us your photographs
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We would love to see photographs of what you find.

We can't accept photographs when you use the Online Survey Forms, but if you would like to email photographs to us that would be great.

Email your photographs

Just email them to us at and add them as attachments to your email.

Please send details of your name, address, description of the photograph and the grid reference of the sighting. Plus any other details you would like to tell us about.

Photo Sizes

Please make sure that your photographs are not more than 600 pixels x 600 pixels and 40kb. Otherwise our mailbox will get blocked!

Nature Photo Competition

Every month we will pick one of the photographs that has been sent to us and post it on the homepage of this website with the winners name, for all to see.

However, even if you don't get picked, or you don't want to enter, with your permission we would still like to use your submitted photographs on the Corfe Mullen Nature Gallery.

Local Nature Videos

Click the arrows to play the videos

Roe Deer : Haywards Lane

Above: Young Male Roe Deer in a field of purple knapweed. Next to Haywards Lane, Corfe Mullen - Filmed by Jane Adams

Painted Lady Butterfly: Corfe Mullen Garden

Above: Painted Lady Butterfly. In a garden in Corfe Mullen - Filmed by Jane Adams

Bullfinches : Corfe Mullen Garden

Above: Male and female bullfinches on bird feeder in a garden in Corfe Mullen - Filmed by Jane Adams

Sandlizard : Upton Heath

Above: Sandlizard lazing in the sun at Upton Heath - filmed by Jane Adams

Drone Fly

Above: This is a Drone Fly having a good clean-up in a Corfe Mullen garden in April 2008 - Filmed by Jane Adams