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FoxHere's how to Watch

It's simple. It's fun!

Just tell us what native wildlife and plants you see in Corfe Mullen using our special
Recording Forms.

Where do I look?

All over Corfe Mullen and the surrounding countryside. Obviously you MUST NOT go onto private land!

Gardens, fields, woods, footpaths, road verges - everywhere and anywhere in Corfe Mullen as long as it is open to the public!

If you've seen something just outside Corfe Mullen, don't worry, we'd still like to know about it!

What type of wildlife and plants?

We don't mind if it's a ladybird in your garden or some fungi in one of the local woods. We want to know about them as long as they are wild and native to the UK. 

To help you with identification we have included a Reference section, which will be added to as the months go by.

We also have Help with ID section, where you can ask us for help with identification.

Wild and Native - What does this mean?

We don't really want a list of ALL the plants in your garden or on your walks, just the wild, native ones. The same is true of the mammals, insects, spiders, amphibians and reptiles. 

Native just means all the plants and creatures that come from the UK, and have not been introduced from other countries. An example of an introduced species is the "grey squirrel" which came from North America.

How do I know if it's wild and native to the UK?

If you aren't sure, just ask us. Go to our Help with ID section, send us a message, and we will try to help.

How often should I look?

As often as you like is the simple answer.

We don't care how many Recording Forms you send us (as long as you try not to duplicate what you've already sent!).

You can send us one form for the whole year, a form every week or one a month. What ever is most convenient for you.

How do I tell you what I've seen?

To find out how you can send your records to us, see the Recording Forms page, which gives you details about the four ways you can easily send us information.

I still have a question

We don't mind at all. We would love to hear from you. Just complete our Contact Form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

What's Nature Watch Corfe Mullen all about?

If you would like to know more about why we have set up this website, who we are and what we are going to do with the information that you send to us, go to the page called "About"

Thank you for your help. We can't do this without you!