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HedgehogWhat is Nature Watch
Corfe Mullen?

The aim of Nature Watch Corfe Mullen is to record native plants
and animals in Corfe Mullen, and
to encourage all ages to have an interest in their local countryside.

Why is Nature Watch needed?

Every day I'm sure you see reports on the TV about another piece of countryside disappearing and animals and plants becoming rare and extinct.

With your help we can build up a picture of the animals and plants that live in and around our village of Corfe Mullen, from the common to the rare.

What is common today, could become rare tomorrow. Better we know what we have, so that we can try to protect it!

How long will the Nature Watch last?

The Nature Watch will last for at least 12 months - maybe more. It will depend on the amount of information we receive.

What happens to the Reporting Forms that we send to you?

All the information from the reporting forms will be collated and sent to the Dorset Environmental Records Centre (DERC) at Dorchester.

Who set up Nature Watch Corfe Mullen?

A group of Corfe Mullen residents who love this village, its nature and countryside.

We aren't connected to any political party, we aren't paid and are doing this purely in our spare time.

We are also very inquisitive to see what exciting things you find and see!