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LadybirdRecording Form
for a Single Record

Our simple online Recording Form is great for sending us ONE individual record at a time.

You can use this form as many times as you like for different things you see, maybe at different times of the year, month or week.

For help with a Grid Reference go to our finding a grid reference page

Remember, if you want to record several records you are on the wrong page, you need to go to our Multiple Records page

However, if it's just one record that you've got... complete the online form below.  Thank you for your help!

Single Record Form

Please fill in the details below
 Go to the "How to find a Grid Reference" page if you need help. 
 (eg 26 Wareham Road) 
 (eg 31/02/2008) 
 (eg A Fox) 
 (eg male fox running around our garden last night at 11pm) 
  *Indicates a field you must enter.
When you have completed the form, please click the Send Details button ONCE to send